Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Food Allergies - Tips

Here are the tips and ideas I promised from last time!  These are what we do, please feel free to ask questions and also give your own ideas that maybe I haven't thought about.

  1. When I cook, we use substitutes for allergens.  For example:  applesauce and coconut oil in place of butter for cookies or baking.  Use it one for one to butter.  I use 3/4th applesauce and 1/4th coconut oil.  Rice milk for dairy like in a cream soup or other soup.
  2. Sometimes, we cook two of each dish we are preparing.  For example:  potato soup or creamy soups with one of them being cooked with their milk or water.  Or when we make fried rice or Chinese dishes at home, we leave out the soy sauce and egg from one pan of it.  Casseroles with cheese, theirs just doesn't have any in or on top.
  3. I am an avid label reader!  So much so that my teen handed my baby a candy bar the other day and she mimicked me by flipping it over and looked as if she was reading the label!  If I can't read the label, I don't buy it.
  4. We hardly ever eat out.  If and when we do I already know what they can have and if there is absolutely nothing that passes, I will take my allergy guy his own meal in and explain he has life threatening allergies.  We never have any problems and only ever had respect.
  5. I always take things I know they can eat to family gatherings or pot luck meals as my contribution.  
  6. I also dip their plates and serve them at these kinds of things or buffets!  
  7. I buy in bulk and make our snacks and baked goods at home.  Along with making other things at home too.
  8. I don't replace, say, cheese for vegan cheese or ice cream with IceDream.  That can become even more expensive and chances are, some of the ingredients in the replacements my children cannot eat either.  (I do buy them this "butter" for their bread or potatoes though, which I just started doing.)
  9. I try to stick to protein, vegetables, fruits and whole grains.  I also rotate grains so allergies do not develop further.

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