Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Food Allergies - Our Story

Let it be known that several of my family members have life threatening, epi-pen carrying food allergies!  Which is why some of my recipes or shopping lists do not mirror normal non-food allergy families.  For instance, I have 5 children plus myself who are allergic to dairy so our milk needs come from other sources and maybe I do not need a gallon of cow milk a day for our family!  With that in mind, I wanted to take a moment and share some tips and ideas and a little story on large family food allergies.

The first time I learned of food allergies was when my 11 year old was 2 weeks old.  She was having weird diapers for a breastfed baby so I took her into the pediatrician's office and she was tested and ended up her colon was bleeding and inflamed.  She told me to take all dairy out of my diet so I did and she cleared up and started having normal diapers.

The next time I was in the hospital with my 8 year old.  He was only a few hours old and had only had nursed colostrum of course but ended up spitting that up.  He also had not normal diapers so the pediatrician had him tested at three days old and he ended up being allergic to dairy as well.  His bowels were beginning to bleed from the milk in my diet so I took all dairy out of my diet.  He spit up a lot and had trouble gaining weight, he had severe reflux.  They kept telling me, "he will outgrow it by a year..."  He didn't.  He was on medications and there was talk about feeding tubes as well!

Then one day, when he was 4, I heard about GMOs in our foods and so I studied and researched and took all GMOs  out of our diet.  Which meant we ate a LOT of organic food and my grocery bill doubled and I had to begin to search out the best places to buy food.  He stopped spitting up!!  He became more energized and aware of things whereas before, he had been showing signs of "being on the spectrum".  In those months though, all of it went away!

It dawned on me to take them in for allergy testing with the pediatric allergist.  So, I did.  They tested them and gave me an epi-pen for him before I even left out of the office!  For "just in case".  We had to learn to take their allergens out of our house.  They are allergic to two or more of the following:
dairy (cow)
almonds (stay away from treenuts too)
eggs (yolk and white)

The little girls are allergic to one or two things.  My son is allergic to everything on that list except shellfish.  When we completely removed this from their diet, they began to feel better and do better!
For us, it is important we keep him away from his allergens to keep him healthy.  Any little bit is a bit too much!

Next time, I plan to share tips and ideas on how we deal with this in our family.  Does your family have any allergens?

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