Saturday, January 13, 2018

My Favorite Books and Websites on the Way We Eat

About 1997 I became interested in health and have been on the journey since then. I will tell you, yes, it is hard on a budget but it can be done. You just have to start where you are able and grow from there.

The first place I heard of grinding my own grain was on a forum when we had AOL. I was utterly taken aback. I had no idea there was more to making bread than opening the bag and putting the bread in the toaster! I couldn't even make biscuits without opening the can! But that was the beginning of my journey. My baby who was born in 2001 was raised on whole wheat freshly ground. He preferred my fresh homemade bread to any other bread he was offered! That astounded my husband and I!  We were so sold on fresh whole wheat bread after that, along with seeing health benefits of whole wheat.

In 2000, for my birthday I was able to purchase a Whisper Mill and Dimension 2000 mixer. They no longer make the Whisper Mill, it is under a different name, the Wonder Mill, or the Dimension 2000, and I sold my D2000 about four years ago, but my grain grinder is still going strong! I couldn't tell you what kind of grinder to purchase but I can send you to Marilyn Moll's site where I purchased mine from.  You don't need a large mixer to make fresh whole wheat bread you only need good strong arms. I also make a two loaf recipe in my bread maker machine on dough cycle and then form into loaves and bake in my oven. It is so easy, a child could start the ingredients for you!

A good article to read is by Sue Becker, from called Bread of Idleness. They are in our area and have been selling grains and grinders/mixers for years now. A trusted source. For years I drove almost two hours a couple of times a year to gather my grains and any other needed baking items from them. Now I am lucky enough to have found a co-op in my area and we order once a month and work together to separate the order for our members. It is much easier on me but I would still drive if I had to!

Healthy eating is so easy! Eat as close to the way God made it as possible. If you need any pump for getting on board with this I encourage you to watch these two documentaries. The Future of Food is one. This is about our foods seed supply and how one company, Monsanto, has patented the seed. You know, they have a patent on life!
Scary stuff!

Another movie is Food, Inc. This is about how the farmer is the new corporate and has become big business. You can watch this right now on Netflix in the watch instantly, if you have Netflix. But you can look at the trailer right here.

Some of my favorite books on the subject are:
What the Bible Says about Healthy Eating - Rex Russell, M.D.
Nourishing Traditions - Sally Fallon
How to Have a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor - Dr. Mendelson
Naturally Healthy Child - Shonda Parker
Dr. Denmark Said It - Madia L Bowman
Disease Proof Your Child - Dr. Joel Furhman 

We are not vegetarians by any means, we like a good steak now and again! Our preferred way of eating is to raise our meat ourselves, and we have raised pork and chickens.  In this way we know what goes into our pork! We mostly buy from the grocery store right now due to budget restraints, but it is getting better and then we will go back to our butcher friend who raises no hormone or antibiotic beef and pork, just around the corner. Considering the prices are almost the same as buying them not on sale at the grocery store, I consider it a good investment!

We have chickens and plan on getting more for eggs especially. I don't like store bought eggs because I don't know where they came from or what they ate! My chickens free range and get kitchen scraps.

We have a local source for fresh raw milk. The best!
We have had bees and will again this year!  Free local honey from my own backyard is the best!

We try to grow a garden and freeze or dry the bounty.  Most of the year is conducive to growing where we live.  Last year's garden did not do well at all! But we are going to expand this years garden and pray hard for a good crop. We also have fruit trees and bushes, but the deer seem to always get to them first.  So, maybe a deer harvest is in order.  We will also go to the U-pick farms when the time comes and pick stuff to put back. We don't eat all organic but we try to eat fresh fruits and veggies and good clean meat.

 I hope this helps you on your journey!  Let me know your favorite books.

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