Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Mornings Matter

“It is well to be up before daybreak,
for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom.”

Sometimes I am asked how I homeschool with pregnancies, babies, and preschoolers "happening" all the time. Well, I have a little the Grace of God! He is the One who gets me through all the good times and bad times!

Every morning I try to get up earlier than my children and have a quiet time of reading the Word and praying. I also listen for little rhemas of God during this time and focus on that little rhema for the day. My children know that if they get up early and come into the living area and Mommy is in the chair with the Bible, that they must be quiet and wait for her to finish "talking to God" before they ask me for anything to eat or drink. They have learned to wait patiently for a few minutes for Mommy. Now if there is an emergency, they know they can speak up and I will take care of it. 

I always greet them in the morning with a smile and loving hugs, cuddles and kisses. They need that reconnection to start their day. All ages! Sometimes I will have a little snack waiting on the littles because they are so hungry, they can't wait for breakfast to come. They eat the snack (muffins, biscuts or a piece of toast) and then they are ready to take on the rest of the morning.

Sometimes they do wake before me but they know what comes next.  My 8 year old greeted the day and Daddy with a bright smile and some energy. 
Daddy said, "why don't you go get back in your bed where it is warm?" 
He said, "because Mommy will get up and read her Bible and talk to Jesus in just a minute!"  "I will wait on her...."
So, he sat in the recliner for about five minutes and I roused myself up out of the bed. If you get into a routine, the children usually know what is to come and feel comfortable and ready for it.

Mornings matter.


  1. I am a morning person as well. I started doing a quiet morning time for myself when my children were young and I do it still though I am in my mid-fifties and they are 27 and 29.

    1. Mornings really are nice. Thanks for visiting.