Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Favorite Tool #2 - My Grain Mill

Way back when I first started researching grains and milling my own, I researched the best grainmill for the money I had.  I found the WhisperMill Grain Mill.  That has served me well since February of 2000!  It is still going strong and works so well to this very day!

If I were to recommend a grainmill, I would recommend this one, but they don't make this brand anymore.  The comparable one sold now is called the WonderMill.  Here is a link to Pleasant Hill Grains where it is on sale for 199,95 right now with free shipping. (Not affiliated, I just really love this grain mill!!)

I have ground so many things in this mill.  There are some things you cannot grind due to the moisture content in those things being too high so you'll want to be aware of that if you decide to purchase one.

I grind pinto beans and black beans for instant refried beans!  Just add water and cook until done.  I have ground corn for fresh cornmeal, and wheat of all types.
It has been a handy, healthy tool in my kitchen.  Not to mention money saving!

Do you have a favorite kitchen tool?

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  1. That is a smart way to save and eat healthier. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home.

    1. Yes, I believe so. Thanks for visiting and hosting the linkup.

  2. wow! amazing to open this post tonight -- I went to grind wheat today so I could bake bread. My 25 year old Whisper Mill finally gave out on me. After weekly (and then some) use something in the motor gave out. We are replacing it with the Wonder Mill, which still gets top ratings! Glad to see this recommendation :)
    I'd love to hear about your instant refried beans, too!

    1. Oh no! But I am glad to help. I hope to post that soon. They are delicious and easy!