Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Back to School

Yesterday we started back to school after our break! I generally ease back into the weeks without putting a lot of stress on everyone and it always pays off.
We are starting week 15 of 36.  Not too bad, not too bad. 

Little miss baby is sure she is in school with the rest of them, so she grabs her notebook and does her "schoolwork" with me every time they do school.  So far, she can count objects up to 12 and say her "abcdees" pretty well.  She knows several of her colors, but that is probably because the children are color coded.  So, maybe she is are always learning.

This little student is starting in her first grade lessons.  Learning to read!  This girl is a hard worker.  She is also a completely visual learner!  She is enjoying her school work and doing very well. For just having turned 6 years old, she is so pliable for learning to read and read well.  

They love to read together.  Both are doing very well in their school work this year!  Little man started piano this past fall and is doing well.  There is just something about fresh and eager music learners, they are so excited to do their lessons anytime they are asked to.
She continues to improve in her school work and far succeeding what I have planned out for her to do.  So, extra credit work is fun for her.  She has been enjoying her handcrafts like sewing and crocheting many afternoons and has made a few little things here and there.

High school.....oh high much I love thee.  My two high schoolers take very little of my time teaching them.  Our philosophy from the beginning of homeschooling 22 years ago was to teach them *how* to learn while giving them the tools and books to do so!  Thank the Lord they caught on to this and have all taken off.  Of course, I am still here in a tutorial and administration capacity for them.
When my first one was beginning high school, I freaked out and worried so much.  Then, {snap}, just like that she graduated!  Went on to further her education without a problem and I was just about to graduate a second one.  How I did it, that second year into her high school was handed her the books and told her if she wanted to graduate, she had to pass all the tests and do the work!  She did.  I have done it this way with great results since then.  I have graduated 6 so far!  Two have become their own bosses in entrepreneur enterprises, one is an electrical engineer and travels the country (soon internationally as well) on business, one is co-owner of her hubby's videography business and one is manager in his business after working himself up the ladder.  The baby of the big 6 <lol> is starting her own entrpenural enterprise and she aspires to teach ESL (english as a second language) in Taiwan beginning the end of this year or early next year. 

11th grader is working so hard on his work as well. ( I love Teaching Textbooks for higher level math!  Poor older ones had to suffer through Saxon!)  He loves to draw and love photography and animals so we will see where his future leads.

Well, how is your school year going?  Are you cruising along or have you hit a wall?  Keep reaching for the goals you set at the beginning of the year and you will make matter the circumstances. 

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  1. Even though I am there for all of it, it was still such a blessing to read all of this. Keep up the great work Mama!