Monday, December 4, 2017

Modest Monday - Pinks

The weather here lately has been cool in the mornings and up to 70 degrees during the days!  Just beautiful.

Shirt - Mudd
Skirt - Its a no tag maxi I wore to get our Christmas tree here
Shoes - Sketchers

 My sweet daughter is wearing a maxi skirt - Faded Glory.
Pink t shirt - Mossimo
Black vest - Established
Ballet flats

This little one saw us posing and decided she should also pose too!  She ran over to where we were and said jovially, "me turn!  I do it!"  So, who could resist that cuteness?  
Her necklace - costume pearls from my aunt
Herr baby doll - one of her favorites that cries and laughs when you tickle her tummy!  
It is so true, children learn what they see....sigh.

Thanks for letting us join Caroline!


  1. I love the pink shirt! And you have such beautiful daughters!

    1. Thank you. Yes, I agree, 6 beautiful daughters!!