Thursday, December 7, 2017

How I Keep it All Together As a Mama of 12 - Chores and Schedule

My friend over at Our House, down there on the sidebar, recently shared about her schedule and routines for chores so I thought it was a good idea to share mine as well!

Our daily schedule:
7-8 Mom rise and dress.  Bible reading and coffee <-----Quiet time with God
8-9 Kids do chores and eat breakfast (these chore lists are hanging on the fridge)
9-9:30 - Clean kitchen
9:30 Morning meeting time, academic group studies, bible memory then individual subjects while mom works with little guys.
12 - Chore time and lunch
1:30 - Rest and Read, little ones to nap, rotate laundry
1:30 - 5 Continue school, mom grades work and does her projects.
After all the school work is done and little ones up from nap, piano practice and other instrument practice.  Then outside work for daddy.  If we didn't finish our weekly chores, we complete that at this time.  Then free.
5-6 - fold laundry and quick clean the house
6-7 - dinner and clean up
7-7:45 - Free time, visiting
7:45 Littles ready for bed
8 - Bible time with daddy and then goodnight for little ones
10 - Bedtime for all, house shut down for the night

The children have specific rooms or jurisdictions they are responsible for keeping maintained and picked up during the day.  I hardly ever rotate these unless one is ready to move up the ranks into doing that chore.  Usually, one time a year this happens.
1  -  Make lunch, sweep porches and outside stairs, plus your bedroom
2  -  Dining room, plus your bedroom
3  -  Livingroom, plus your bedroom
4  -  Downstairs, library and bathroom, pantry and entryway, plus your bedroom
5  -  Hall bathroom, plus your bedroom
6  -  Hallway, plus your bedroom
7  -  Help mommy, plus make up your bed

I do my own room, bathroom and I also help with their chores where needed!

One thing I firmly believe in is working alongside, at the same time as, your children as they are working!  Put yourself on the chore list!  That way, the children see the division of labor and know that it does take a whole family to keep the place spic and span.  Which brings me to the list here of our weekly chores.

We have monthly chores, but those are usually done as a group project.  We have outdoor chores in the spring/summer/fall as well.  That will be another post when the time comes.

It may look like we work all day long, but I assure you, we don't!  We have ample free time to play and just be!

I hope this is a help to you! linking today with the Charm of Home.


  1. Hi! I just wanted to comment to let you know how much I'm enjoying your blog. :) It's so hard to find a good, wholesome blog. If you don't mind sharing, I would like to see more about your homeschool schedule, curriculum, and how you organize it. I'm always looking for ideas to improve this area as it seems to take over entire day, and changes so much from year to year with the family dynamics changing as they grow. :)

    Homeshool mommy to 9, ages 8mos.-22yrs

    1. Thank you Missyh! I know what you mean about family dynamics changing. Seems to be in rapid mode sometimes doesn't it? I will plan on more of those types of subjects soon.

  2. Giving them areas to clean really works! Great plan. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home! Merry Christmas!