Thursday, December 28, 2017

For Prosperity's Sake 2

.....We left off on Christmas eve day with folks dropping like flies and me making chicken soup!

Christmas Eve

We had planned on going to church and having lunch at the local mexican restaurant we loved but we didn't go to church and the restaurant was closed so we opted for Captain D's as a back up plan!  It was pretty good, but not as good as mexican we had all wanted.  Which brings us to Christmas eve night!
Every Christmas eve for as long as I can remember we have had what we call, Shepherds Meal.  It is easy and the kids all love it!  It is fruit, vegetables, pita bread or another low yeast bread like crackers, a chicken leg, olives and cheeses.  It is to remind us that the shepherds were the lowliest of people at the time of Jesus' birth.  A common, working people.  The angels appeared to them first.

This year, one of our sons decided to buy sparkling grape juice with his own money to share for the meal.  So sweet!

Then we opened a few gifts for the ones who had to go home...

Played Christmas Bingo and took the annual little girls picture under the tree after bath and pjs.

Then bedtime and Christmas Morning!

Wake up to blasting Christmas music!

Then the treasure hunt begins!

Haha, had to take two pictures to get most of them!

This little baby bear had been up all night with the fever and chills.  So was I, taking care of her.

She got a "robot puppy", a cleaning caddy, a hobby horse, a shared gift with sister of a shopping cart.

Big grown manchild got a calendar, a survival book, and a bottle of candy!

 Little miss got a Melissa and Doug washer/drier, ballet shoes and a doctor kit.

 Ballerina got a new watch, sewing books and supplies and a bed canopy.
 Honey got me a fitbit alta hr!  I was so excited and glad.  I got him a wallet and an electric toothbrush.
 Little man got a tool set, flashlight and headlamp, and a watch.
 Mr. Fellow got an mp3 player with bluetooth, headphones set and survival book and kit.

 Mr. Middlefellow got a guitar amp, paracord, string for guitar and a capo with pick.
She received a fitness tracker (like a fitbit, she's my workout buddy!  She also does 5ks with her brothers!)  jewelry, the whole Little House set boxed.

We opened gifts and opened stockings and had a leisurely breakfast of chocolates, sausage biscuits and coffee.  Lots of coffee!  

Then, we had plans to go to my mama's house that day for Christmas dinner but I didn't feel like anyone needed to leave the house so I fixed a dinner of:
Turkey breast
mashed potatoes
and tea

This is about where I started feeling the effects of staying up all night.  I didn't take any pictures past this point.  Baby bear and I, plus some others napped.  Our company went home.  Then we watched a movie and had our ornament exchange.  (We were supposed to exchange them in a game at mama's house with our family, so played the game ourselves!)

Overall, it was a blessed Christmas.  We are so very blessed and thankful for the provisions from God and especially grateful for His Son being sent to earth as a baby in a manger to save us all from sin!

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  1. It was such fun to live these memories again! Love you!