Wednesday, December 27, 2017

For Properity's Sake 1

The holidays are winding down and I want to share our memories for prosperity's sake. 


 Thanksgiving brought a house full of guests!  Family is always great to be around during the holidays.  We missed our far away families who couldn't make it though.  I am sure the feeling was mutual.  

We woke to a leisurely, help yourself kind of breakfast of Sausage biscuits and eggs prepped however you'd like them, decaf or regular coffee, and water.  


Then the cooking and prepping started.

Our menu:

Turkey breast
mashed potatoes
cranberry sauce
green bean casserole
Vegetable platter
einkorn rolls
olive platter
cheese and cracker platter
apple pie
pecan pie
pumpkin pie
sugar cookies
thumbprint cookies
blueberry pie bites

 The broccoli and cauliflower was fresh picked from the garden that morning and was delightfully delicious!

The little ladies set the table.Right as the einkorn rolls were pulled from the oven and dinner was served!

  Afterwards, we sat and relaxed and visited and played!

And this epitomizes the term, "boys will be boys!!"  

We always get our Christmas tree the next day and this year it was slightly chilly with a side of warm.  The family ahead of us blessed us by "anonymously" paying $10.00 towards our tree!  What a sweet thing to do!


A few days before Christmas, we had one come down with a cold.  Well, I thought it was just a cold, but it turns out to be the flu.  I started everyone who wasn't sick on echinacea and sambucol, according to age!  We started downing chicken noodle soup once a day too.  That proved to be getting expensive being it was organic and canned.  So Christmas Eve morning, I pulled out one of our free-range chickens from the freezer and started a pot of chicken soup!
By this time we had a house full of company!  To be continued......

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  1. I love seeing these precious memories! I can't wait to see the rest of this "mini-series".
    Many Blessings!