Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Entangled at Twilight

The sun is peaking through the sky with a twilight twinge coming up over the horizon. All voices are quiet and resting. Peaceful. Sleeping. One lonely little voice quietly rumbles under the cool of the morning. "Mommy, hold you, pweese.........mommy, hold you, pweese........zzz....pweese......" Without resisting I pull my tired, sick body out of the covers and grab the small voice with reckless abandon. Get her a cup of milk and pull her close to me in the sheets.

Satisfied and happy. Her legs entangle my legs and her hands, my mid-back length hair. She rubs my face with sweet little hands. Caressing gently, the beauty and grace that signifies, to her, love and comfort. My heart swells with feelings of motherhood that only come from deep moments of time and expands all throughout all eternity. She pulls my cheeks and kisses me gently. As gentle as frost on the rosebushes outside the window. "Where did she learn to be so tender?" I lie there thinking to myself for a brief moment and remember the way that I sometimes kiss her. My hands wrapped around her rosy little cheeks and head. My lips gently and smoothly showing her the love of a mother. They do learn what they live.


I am taken back into time, 30 years ago, when I first planted a loving mother-kiss on my first one. My child that made me a mother. I no longer hold her cheeks and head and entangle with her, but only in our memories. When they visit, I often see her entangle with the youngers on the sofa reading aloud to them. I see her making memories with her own three little ones.  I often see her giving kisses everso gently to the littles. I think...."yes, this she learned from me...the gentle art of "mothering"." She has carried this into her own life, she's making her own memories.


In the present, daylight strongly breaks into the windows and the quiet is broken with the alarm clocks, signifying a new workday. Soon, all voices will be rattling the rafters and feet will be scurrying along the wooden floors and the day will be in full force. For now though, I lay enraptured in my thoughts of mothering. Entangled with the baby of three years. Listening. Breathing. Holding her while she sleeps again.

Sickness is passing through and it has a way of slowing down a mama.  Our joy lies in our God-given acceptance of our roles sometimes.  I love my life and my role as a woman.  God is so good.

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  1. What a sweet post. I hope your sickness passes quickly!

  2. What a blessing to see the way your love entagled into the memory bank of their living and spilled out back to you. I think the Lord allows us to have those little gifts to lift our hearts in the mothering journey and become the ammunition to get us through the hard things, like one of his sweet mercies that are surely renewed each morning. Such a sweet sweet post! Thanks for sharing it at the #GraceMoments Link Up!

    1. Thank you. I agree, God does give us these moments to carry us through! Thanks for the linkup!