Thursday, December 21, 2017

Christmas Break Time!

Merry Christmas everyone!  Remember Jesus Christ came to the earth to save that which was lost!  A baby, tender and sweet, grew to a man and died a wicked and cruel way on a cross to save you, everyone, from their sins!!  He rose on the third day, unlike anyone else ever, and lives!!!!  He is the reason for the season indeed! While we were yet sinners.

 We started our Christmas break last week!  We will resume classes after the new year.  For now, we rest, declutter the house and have bits of fun!!!

 Some activities we have been enjoying over the past month are baking cookies and decorating them!

 Baking cupcakes and decorating them!

 Our annual ornament making time with daddy!  These are always a favorite activity for the year!  Our children make ornaments that daddy chooses and they carry these ornaments into their marriage when they marry!  A bittersweet time to be sure!

 All of the children, except the littlest one were in the play at church.  They all played multiple parts and did so well!  It was written, and produced by the church children as well! 

Today we did our annual make and decorate of "gingerbread" houses! Always a fun time for the little and big ones alike.

 We have also been to a Christmas party our newlywed son and his wife hosted and had a wonderful time!  We went Christmas shopping for sibling and family gifts!  (Always fun for mama!!! )

We didn't get to participate in the Christmas piano recital earlier in the month due to sickness but thankfully everyone is mended and doing well!

Presents are wrapped and under the tree, menus are made and we are waiting to celebrate Jesus' birthday!  What are you up to????

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