Friday, December 1, 2017

A Glimpse into Our Large Family Homeschool Week - 12/1/17

This week, as I was planning, I tried not to pick things to overload their week because I know how hard it is to get back into the swing of things after any sort of time off.  Mondays are hard enough as it is normally, but after a week off or more, well, that is tough.

Monday, during our group time we discussed synonyms pertaining to our vocabulary words, looking up the definitions and alphabetizing them, depending on age and grade level.  We also talked about Nehemiah and how he demonstrated a hunger and thirst after righteousness.  Our verse is Matthew 5:6, they are also learning 1 Corinthians 13 this month.

After that, it was time for everyone to disperse to their place and start individual work while I worked with the kindergartener and preschooler on their work.  Everyone worked well.

Ballet is a big hit over here right now, so my 11 year old watched our youtube playlist and taught little sister some moves and stretches.

Tuesday, our group time was fun and was spent studying about how to write a Psalm of their own and turn it into a song.  I was surprised how well the little ones understood what they were to do and how their Pslams turned out.

After group, individual time starts.  I had to help one high schooler figure out how to do the english assignment.  That night we brought the book to dad for help and he changed the assignment to better fit our goals for this child.  We are also changing english programs for this child as well.  ACE is not a good fit!

Finally, we got through kindergarten, preschool, and grading other grades.  New reading assignment books were handed out.

Afternoons are spent in highschoolers finishing their work along with any other person who hasn't finished what was required, piano practice, violin tinkering (they do not currently have a violin teacher, so they practice what they already know and try new things), playing out side.

Evenings are spent reading some more.  It is a great way to settle them down for bed.

Wednesday, we didn't have a formal group time due to various and sundry things but some had to finish assignments left from previous days, some even before the holiday.  The new english for the highschooler went well and promises to be a good fit.

I had a busy baking day and managed to turn out cookies, banana bread and 2 loaves of bread before having to stop for dinner prep.  I had a big one down with a migraine so that slowed me down too.

Thursday brought some sickness battles.  Mama and two little ones were up multiple times that night.  One feverish brow and two more complaining of sore throats during the morning but we managed to get some school work in.

 The Kindergartner didn't feel like doing much so we just went over the sounds with the video I created with the flash cards and songs that she has been learning.

Looking at books before naptime/rest time.  We were supposed to have piano lessons but they were canceled.


Friday  is errand day!  Most are feeling a bit better so we went ahead and visited the library, grocery stores and lunch out.  Well, in the van but it is out of the house after all.

Next week promises to be either bad or good.  During the holiday season, sometimes there is a natural tendancy to want every day to be a holiday!  What was your week like?

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