Saturday, November 25, 2017

{ Week in Modest/Feminine Dress - Day 6 }

I have to run to town today and pick up a few groceries.  Many people consume much food! 

Today's outfit is one of my favorites.  (I probably have said that about half of the outfits I have shared this week, but I do not believe in keeping things in  my wardrobe that I don't care for.  It is such a waste of: time, keeping up with the laundering of the non-favorite clothes, money, laundering the non-favorite clothes, and space where I could put to use!)

White shirt - Magellan Sportswear
Pink sweater with grey and white accent stripes - Contact, New York
Grey maxi skirt - Calvin Klein
Shoes - Black Keds

What are you doing this lovely Saturday?


  1. Such a cute and comfortable looking outfit! I enjoy seeing your outfits each day. Abigail.