Thursday, November 23, 2017

{ Week in Modest/Feminine Dress - Day 4 }

Happy Thanksgiving America! Today we have a house FULL of folks. So Mama is going to need to be quick on her feet! Yesterday guests came and today and this evening more are expected to arrive. Whoa, life in a large and growing family is nothing short of an extended feat of strategic plans! Be ready ladies when your babies start flying the coop and making families of their own. It is so fun! Today I am wearing another Motherhood tshirt, a Geri C. sweater/cardigan, reminiscent of high school days, albeit not mine, I'm still in my 40s! My skirt is an Old Navy! It is so long and I just love it. 

To complete my preppy look and keep comfort while I work in the kitchen today, I have on black Keds. Kohls had them a few years back and I got them on clearance. Yay!

I hope you are having a fabulous day with family and friends. Stay comfy and rest when you can!