Monday, November 6, 2017

{ Fall/Winter Menu }

I was typing up my new menu and thought I would also share here as well.  Cooler months bringer warmer meals for us.  Plenty of baking keeps the house warm as well!  So we change our menu to reflect this.

Before we start, let me just say that we are dealing with medically tested, epi-pen carrying, food allergens for some of our children.  They tend to run in our family.  I also try to rotate our grains so that they don't become sensitive or allergic to what they can eat.  All of my bread products are homemade from whole wheat, einkorn, buckwheat, spelt, etc. (except saltines). Cookies, pies, cakes, bread, rolls, etc.  We eat very little in the way of prepackaged foods.  I just don't see the benefit so I generally do not buy them.  Not to mention the expense!

I need simplicity and organization during the school year so this menu plan gives me good goal to obtain and variety in our diets.  Along with healthy and tasty, this provides a guideline for anyone to be able to pick up and do any meal should we need help.

 Breakfast -  Serve with fruit

M  -  oatmeal and muffins
T   -  eggs and toast
W  -  granola warmed with nuts
Th -  eggs and toast
F   -  oatmeal
S  -  big meal of pancakes and eggs and breakfast meat OR cereal
S  -  cereal and boiled eggs

Lunch  -  Serve with fruit and vegetable (raw or cooked)

M  -  egg salad sandwiches
T   -  calzones
W  -  lunch meat or meat sandwiches
Th -  lentil stew and corn muffins
F   -  leftover smorgasbord style
S   -  leftover or pbj or snack style
S  -   church rotation (we take a meal for after church and I have a rotating list of those meals)


M  - beans and cornbread, rice, 2 side dishes, collard greens, mac and cheese for pickies and a dessert
T   - Mexican meal, rice, salad, salsa. (burritos, enchiladas, mexican casserole, etc.)
W  - Pasta, salad, breadsticks  (spaghetti, baked spaghetti, chicken alfredo or chicken parm.)
Th - Chicken meal, potatoes, green beans, salad, veggie, rolls
F   - Pizza, salad, breadsticks, dessert
S  -  homemade sloppyjoes, green beans, hm buns, oven fried potatoes or hot dogs, hm buns, potatoe salad or burgers and same sides
S  -  Rotated - I will share in another post

Snacks - home made and serve with milk (almond, rice, or cow)

M - chocolate chip cookies
T - cheese and homemade crackers with fruit (peanutbutter for milk allergy ones)
W - Blonde brownies or cooks favorite brownie
Th - Peanutbutter cookies
F - Fruit or a muffin
S - cinnamon rolls with icing
S - rotated

Well, I certainly hope this helps you along in your menu department!  Have a blessed day.

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