Tuesday, November 28, 2017

{ Cheese Tray Help }

For big holidays, my family loves to have a cheese tray!  So I always enjoy indulging them.  I have always put together a nice cheese tray but haven't really received rave reviews over them.  Now I have found a secret little gem of a tutorial and Christmas cheese tray promises to be over the top! Marie over at
The English Kitchen has put this together.  She has some excellent recipes over there.

What are your favorite cheeses?  Mine has to be Brie.  I love the soft flavor and texture of this cheese.  I have always loved it paired with a jalapeno pepper jelly, which I've yet to master putting up after that harvest!  

If I were really on the ball for Thanksgiving, I would have made a delicate cracker like these to go with our cheese tray but I didn't dare.  At least the rolls were homemade!


  1. Great ideas! That gets me thinking of making up a nice cheese tray myself, to surprise my husband and daughter!

    1. Oh how sweet and fun! They are sure to love it.