Wednesday, October 11, 2017

{Make Ahead Oatmeal Bowls}

With the weather getting cooler, oatmeal makes a great breakfast.  I recently made oatmeal bowls for my husband to warm up for his breakfast.  Since we buy oats in bulk, at least a 25 pound sack at a time, it is easier for him to take one of these out of the refrigerator and heat it up than it is for him to make a small pot and then when we get up and get going after he has left for work, we make another larger pot.

I put about a cup of oats in the container then I added blueberries and peach slices with water and a bit of lemon juice for it to soak.  

Then, I put the lids on and put them into the refrigerator for him.  It was so easy and quick to put together and he really appreciated the ease and quickness of preparation on his busy mornings!

I am sure you could use any fruit you would like.  I would stick to regular oats instead of quick oats though!  Use within five days.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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