Thursday, October 12, 2017

{ Farm Fresh Egg }

Back in February, we hatched out some baby chickens in the incubator. Everything was going along smoothly until the Great Fox Attack of 2017 when a fox vixen decided she would like more than half of our chickens! I will spare you the details of the carnage. Our chickens are free range chickens that return to the coop at dusk and we close and lock, yes, lock, the chicken pen door. It was not locked that night and the next morning as my husband was getting ready for work he spotted the vixen with chicken in mouth heading into the woods to her den! That is one mistake that won't soon be forgotten!

Eggs are a wonderful part of a daily diet and have many health benefits including a wonderful source of protien, protecting the heart by giving us more of the good HDL cholesterol, which in turn lowers the bad LDL cholesterol. Provide a boost in cognitive healthy choline and other rare minerals. As well as being full of rich antioxidants.

Being as we have a few allergy sufferers in our family, eggs being a major one, white and yolk, we wanted to serve only the best eggs available to our crew.  Some allergy sufferers do well on eggs baked in foods due to the protein structure change that comes along with the high constant heat temperature baking provides.
Free-range, organic eggs have been shown to have higher omega-3, and vitamin E. They also tend to be larger, and are more densely packed with nutrients. They are also very expensive in the stores. We love our chickens! And who couldn't use a more densely packed nutrient rich food to keep growing children and hard working men satisfied longer! 

Most hens start to lay eggs around 18 - 20 weeks old and we were beginning to wonder when they would begin to lay around here.  The other day we finally received our answer! 


Back in September during our staycation which was interrupted by Hurricane Irma, we purchased 13 more baby chicks on a whim while at TSC.  They are doing good and growing fine up in our brooder.  They will also be free range once they are big enough to not run off or go through the fencing to eat up our fall garden!


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