Sunday, October 29, 2017

{Do My Sheep Hear My Voice}

In the midst of busy and mundane beauty of the days I hear the words of Jesus echo in my mind..."My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me..."
I try to keep on top of things and the masses but I just can't sometimes. I become frustrated and my voice swells in loudness to boom over the shrills of the piano tinkling learning new assignments, the guitar strums of a novice and new player, the scratches of the corn broom against the wood grain of the floor, the cackling of the chickens in the yard, the  3 year old miss who loves to sing and laugh and just all the other everyday noises which waft through our busy household day by day and moment by moment.
As I stand there and listen to my voice call out again as it has so many times before, for as many years as I have been a mother, I wonder who is really listening to me. Do they listen to my voice because of the acrimonious tone of the moment? Why wouldn't they listen before now? They are usually very attentive and obedient, but as we all, they do have times of unrest where their spirits call for something more out of the ordinary, more fiery. A test of the wills. The wills that I am supposed to be training and guiding so they can learn the art of listening to the One Who gave them their wills and wants it bent only to His will, willingly.
Have I had my thoughts busied with things I must do as a mother and wife? Things pertaining to the coming homeschool week, the bills, groceries, appointments, the coming Holidays, aging family members, older children who still need me, the sisters and brothers in Christ, the persecuted around the world. Have I overlooked the needs of the family while engaging in these thoughts? Do my sheep hear my voice? Do I know them and what they are feeling and thinking because I have taken time to connect with them today? Do they follow me?
Most of the time it is so. 
Sometimes it isn't.
That is when the Master Shepherd reaches down and whispers into my heart and tells me to whisper into their hearts. A kind word. An encouraging word. A rub of the head or shoulder. A cuddle and a favorite book. Just sitting and rocking or gently holding. A kiss on the cheek and a scoop of love and laughter. A time to put all else aside and just be. With them and us with Him. Change the tone of the day and reconnect with each other.
I am the shepherdess of this home. I must guide it and create a balance of beauty and grace for the raising of the little, and big, that reside here. They must hear my voice and follow it. But most of all, I must know them. I must know the One who has gifted them to me. No matter the allure of the other things of life.