Wednesday, September 13, 2017

{ Cooking Ahead for the Freezer }

Last Saturday I got ahead of my work by putting some dishes in the freezer. It is always prudent to have something you can pull out of the freezer on a moments notice for dinner the next night!

I started with 5 pounds of ground beef with onions and green peppers for a casserole and tacos.  Having precooked ground beef in the freezer is great!  You can also cook a lot all at once and be done with it!

 Next, I made a marinade of orange juice, olive oil, garlic powder, ginger, salt and pepper.  I chopped some more onions and green peppers and put it in a ziplock baggie and put some uncooked chicken tenderloins inside to pull out for a crockpot meal.  I made two bags of that.  I will defrost it overnight in the fridge and then the next morning put it in my crockpot on low for the day!  Serve it with a pot of rice and a salad.

I made a meatloaf to put in the freezer for a meal and a lunch.  It was my regular sized meatloaf. I will serve it will fresh rolls, mashed potatoes, green beans, asparagus and a salad.

Of course, while the oven was on, I baked 36 breakfast muffins, one loaf of banana bread and 2 loaves of bread.  It was a very profitable freezer cooking day!

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