Tuesday, August 29, 2017

{Our Summer School Fun}

So, summer school is over and we can jump full swing into the school year! Instead of letting them get too bored, I decided two years ago to jump on the chance of their natural propensity to that and set our summer up with theme weeks! Each week we have a theme we focus on. I make a plan and this year I printed it out and comb bound it so I could keep up with it. I always keep their reading logs for the summer reading program in a file folder for ease of organization so I thought this would be great and it was!

*******The first two weeks of summer were spent reading and reading and more reading so to finish the summer reading program!  Of course, they read every day anyway but they were really psyched for that and the prizes. 
Park visits were, and mostly are anyway, a weekly thing around here.

******We had a water week.  Activities included, mega water balloon fight, lots of swimming in our pool, fishing afternoons down at the lake for the teenagers and a family fishing trip.
Yes, that is our 5 year old on the right, she loves to fly fish!!
Fishing fun

*********We had a Community Service week, where we visited the courthouse and talked with the local sheriffs there.  We had planned to also visit the fire station and police station but mommy came down with something that lasted the whole week so that got cancelled.  Maybe next summer!

 ********We also had Inventing Week.  We watched a few videos on inventors and then commenced to inventing our own things.  We had a focus hat, a makeup-inator which put on makeup automatically, a boat, a pair of binoculars, a whirlpool maker and a thermal cooling unit mockup!  I was very surprised that some of them were already planning next years inventions by the end of the week!

******We also had a Wild West Week where we watched old westerns, which were family friendly, they loved Bonanza!  Then we dressed up and went to town in the wagon for lunch and the library.  They really looked great in their little getups!
I had other weeks planned but we didn't get to them due to excitement of a new school year!  It seems they wanted to start school already and I had most everything we needed so I set to work on planning for that and we went and started last week! 

Overall, summer was good and happy!