Tuesday, June 20, 2017

{ Stay Hydrated }

Soon the summer heat will be poured out from the earth's atmosphere and the seasonal struggle with humidity and hydration will ensue.  Are you ready?

 For the past few weeks, I have been making myself a veggie fruit juice for breakfast with my trusty juicer.  It is delightful!  When I first started to juice I had to find the right combo to suit my taste buds.  One fine day I stumbled upon my favorite, just by adding a whole lemon!

Here is my favorite mixture:
  • one pear
  • one generous handful of washed mixed greens
  • a carrot
  • a half of a lemon or lime
I then pour that over ice and make the kids a smoothie and we all drink up!  (I wish I could do smoothies myself but they just don't suit my pallet and make me gag!)  This tastes like a lemonade!  No added sugar but the sweetness of the carrots and pear make it so good.

Another thing that helps to stay hydrated, besides drinking plenty of water, is cucumber water.

Just slice up cucumbers and put them into a pitcher of water and let it set in the fridge until you want a glass.  I like to add a strawberry or two to make it on the sweeter side!  The benefits of cucumber water include reducing blood pressure, because it has a high percentage of potassium and also the vitamin k helps by providing the vitamin needed to make healthy protein for blood clotting and bone building.  As an aside, consuming just one cup of sliced cucumbers gives you 19 percent of an adults daily vitamin k!

The possibilities are endless for hydration ideas!  As a mom, these are some of the ways I try to sneak in the liquids for my family.  What are some of the ways you do this?

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  1. I did not know that about cucumbers... I ate a half of a cuke the other day. I try to remember to do lemon water in the morning before yoga. My son always has a fruit smoothie in the mornings (only fruit and fruit juice) and I enjoy the leftovers. Strawberries in water... I have never thought of that. Yum!! On days when drinking water becomes a task.... I will switch over to a fancy goblet. Some how a pretty glass makes drinking water more fun.

    1. Glad you like the ideas! And a fancy goblet always makes things better, along with fancy little plates.

  2. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!