Wednesday, March 8, 2017

{Just Musing}

She's our third wheel.....our chaperone....always in the middle it seems.  It's her safe place, her warmth, her fun.  We don't mind too much though, because we know these days are not forever and pass by so quickly.

Our lives are but a vapor.  One that cannot be lived for the past but only for the future.  For eternity.  Every day is accounted to us before the world began and to live that life to the fullest by serving in obedience to the Lord God, the Creator of everything, is the best life!

Parenthood brings pains and so much joy.  It brings laughter and tears, sweat and sweetness.  It comes before that first breath, before the first meeting.  Serving the One Who forms and knows them in the womb, Who knits us together....that is what parenthood delivers to us.

Obedience in saying, "yes Lord, we will take the blessings you give us and however many they are and in however many ways they come. "

Obedience in living a life worthy of being emulated and copied and carried on through our children as they serve their Creator.  We hold, have, teach, train them to love God as we love Him.  He first loved us.

Yes, she's our third wheel, our twelfth child....may we never lose sight that we are here to point her to her Creator.

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