Monday, December 12, 2016

{Tips for Color Co-ordinating a Large Family}

I thought I would take a minute to give tips on easy clothing color coordination for a large family.
~ "What a person wears is directly related to the success he will have in life."  John T. Malloy~

Tip 1 -  Write down what colors you would like for your family to dress in and then take stock in your closets and drawers (don't forget the laundry room sometimes there are clothes hiding in there too!! LOL!)  then put outfits together while making a list of what you need to look for while out.

This was back in 2009, when we first started color co-ordinating! 
Our colors are:  red/black, green/yellow, browns, pink (girls)/greys, navy blue/purple (girls), orange/brown, blue, black/white.  Not all of the color combos will be the same style or shade of color, just coordinating within the hue.  There may be stripes or solids, floral or other combos.

Tip 2 -  Since you know your colors and needs, just keep a look out while you are shopping for those needs.

Green for church.
Tip 3 -  If you receive a lot of hand-me-downs, keep your goals in mind and keep what is on your list of needs.  Give the rest away or keep some for playing around the house.

Orange for boys and pink for girls.  The baby has a dress with both colors!
Tip 4 - When it comes time to gather clothes for the outing and get dressed, let them know what the color is.  Most of the time, our children ask me what the color is for the next day and I will tell them. 

Blue for the dentist and errands.  Don't look too closely at the still numb little guy in the middle!!  Poor Baby was trying so hard to smile.
When we first started this, I only coordinated for ministry outings, like at the nursing home or puppet ministry or when we served at the food bank.  I would gather all the clothes and hang them as sets in my closet so we were ready when the time came.  Then I just started always coordinating us because it was easier and looked well put together when we went out.  Now, they are hung in their closets. 

Some may say it doesn't "give the child individuality"...but that is illogical!  Each of us are free to choose the style we want to wear from the hue of colors we are wearing as a family! It takes nothing from their individuality! 

Black and red
That time we went to the park and out for lunch

I hope this helps your laundry and clothing endeavors.


  1. Such a sweet family !! Love the matching colours and worth the effort, I think.. xo

    1. Thank you Faye. I think so too.

    2. Thank you Faye. I think so too.